How do I get technical support?

You may send an email to or call 1-800-274-9390 to talk to a support representative.


If I change APNA account types (non-member to member, etc.), does my eLearning History transfer?

Your eLearning History is linked with your APNA ID number. If you create a new account with a new ID number, any history you have from a previous account will not transfer. If you would like to change your membership status and keep your eLearning History with your current ID number, call the APNA Membership Department at 866-243-2443.


How many times can I access the programs I have purchased on the APNA eLearning Center?

You will be able to access the programs five times. If you have already used your 5 allotted viewings, please contact and we can assign you more logins.


How long do I have to view/receive credit for a session once I have ordered it?

You will have one year from the date you ordered the session or until the contact hours expiration date (whichever comes first) to view it and complete the post-test & evaluation.


Is educational credit available? 

Please look at the description page for each session to determine the number of contact hours it offers. In most cases, each session contains a series of slides synced with the presenter(s)’ audio. Handouts are also provided for following along and/or further study for some sessions.


When a session is completed, learners will be directed to a post test (in some cases), a brief evaluation, and a printable CE Certificate. Be sure to copy down the Certificate Code announced at the end of the presentation – you will need this information in order to access your CE Certificate.


For sessions that are AUDIO ONLY (podcasts), there are two options for listening to the session / accessing the code.

  1. You can listen to the podcast via the online player which will open up in a window once you click the "View" button. If this is your listening choice, the certificate code will appear on the screen at the end. 
  2. You can also download the mp3 (click on "Download mp3" on the bottom right in the online player) and listen to it on your computer's media player or mobile device. If this is your listening choice, the certificate code will be verbally spoken at the end of the mp3 file.  Note: There may be a few seconds of silence after the conclusion of the session before the certificate code is spoken. Please be sure to leave the audio playing until the voice announces the code.

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.


If I have already completed the session, how do I print my CE Certificate?

The eLearning Center keeps track of your progress with each session on the eLearning History page (found in My eLearning). If you have already completed the session, you will be able to click on the “Take Evaluation, Get Certificate” button. This will open a page which prompts you to enter the Certificate Code for the session. Once this code is entered, you can complete the post test (for some sessions) and evaluation, then print your CE Certificate.


How do I get handout materials?

Handouts will be available on your eLearning History page (found in My eLearning). The confirmation email you receive after registering will also contain a link to any materials provided by the presenter(s).


How do I know how many bonus points I have?

Bonus points are awarded for APNA membership, attending conferences, participating in committees or activities, and more. Each grouping of bonus points is awarded electronically and will automatically appear on the eLearning Center in your account. My eLearning Bonus Points (found in My eLearning) gives a breakdown of the bonus points you have available – bonus type, number of points, expiration date, and eligible content. Based on the type of bonus points, they will have differing levels of eligibility and expiration.


What equipment do I need in order to participate in the online program?

You should have one computer with a high-speed internet connection to view the visuals/video and functioning computer speakers to listen to the audio.


How can I be sure that my computer is compatible with the technology?

Before you view the session, you should test the computer you plan to use. (Once you have tested your computer, it is not necessary to do so again if you plan to use the same computer to view future sessions.)

In order to view and hear online webinars, your computer and internet connection need to meet certain minimum requirements. Please check that your computer and software meets or exceeds these specifications:


  • Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.2
  • 500MB or more of RAM memory
  • CPU 800 MHz
  • Monitor 800x600 pixels (1024x768 strongly recommended)
  • DSL or faster internet connection
  • Up-to-date web browser software, such as FireFox 3+, or Internet Exploder 7+, Safari 3+
  • Adobe Flash Plugin, newest version... Click here to test
  • Working audio card and speakers

For information on the APNA Refund, Cancellation, and Delivery Policy, please see:

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.